Solar Power in York, PA

Installing Solar Panels - Solar Panels in York, PA
How green is your home? F.W. Behler, Inc., in York, Pennsylvania, can help you provide your home with green solar power and let you do your part to stop global warming.

Solar Power

You can depend on our service for energy-efficient solar hot water installations, service, and repairs, as well as PV and thermal installations and repairs. We offer new installation for solar panels and can handle routine maintenance checks to ensure your system is working properly and at full capacity.

Global Warming

The concept of global warming has been exploited the same way the term "hybrid" has. Its meaning has become so watered-down that it no longer holds value. Today's buzzword is "green," and many are concerned whether they are living green or not. However, the right question is how green is your shade of green?
Our HVAC service made a firm commitment to learn about green technology decades ago, long before this term existed. We adopted energy conservation measures that were ahead of the curve. Since then, we have continued to learn emerging energy-conserving technologies through memberships in national environmentally minded organizations.